we are genUS

The genUS brand, manufacturer and distributor of made in Italy products for hair care and beauty, since 2011. The name, from the Greek GHENOS family, tribe, shows the desire to connect the main markets to which the previous distribution adventures were addressed, in a single group of people joined by a single interest: to create beauty.

Our goal is to overcome the formalities and rigidities of the commercial world of previous decades, in favor of a modern and colorful environment, dynamic and ready to evolve, changing according to the needs of the moment, to provide the professional hairdressers with the tools that can best satisfy their needs.

This desire for union is graphically underlined by the font of the last two letters – US – to remark the wish to break down geographical and linguistic borders. A unique great tribe.

genUS is an URBAN tribe

genUS is a COLORFUL tribe

genUS is an INTERNATIONAL tribe

genUS is a POP tribe

genUS is a COOL tribe

our products

Our laboratories have created tools that allow each member of our tribe to cover every need, from the most radical color change to the deepest beauty treatment. Creating beauty is our mission.

genUS, discover more about our tribu and our mission

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