taking care of your well-being in respect of nature

greenUS is the new haircare mini-line for those who love to take care of themselves, their well-being and nature. The natural formulation allows anyone to take care of their hair, treating it gently and respecting its balance. To do this, greenUS has created new natural and professional products in a line designed for taking care of your scalp and roots, Curative, and one thought for taking care of your lengths, Essential.

greenUS products

From everyday washing with delicate shampoo and leave-in conditioner to deep nourishment with mask and lotion, greenUS products are perfect for daily care through customized haircare routines based on your hair type.

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discover our essential line and curative line and find out more about the greenest side of genUS


Essential products are formulated with Orange and Hawthorn Extracts, Shea Butter, Acai, Coconut and Passionflower Oils that deeply hydrate for young, healthy, shiny and silky hair. Curative products exploit the purifying, energizing and rubescent properties of Nettle, Artemisia and Coffee Organic Extracts and Tea Tree and Mint Oils to promote the growth of strong hair.

Care, prevention and respect for nature: each greenUS product embodies these values from the selection of ingredients, in their packaging to the corporate initiatives in which it actively participates to contribute to a more natural, more sustainable, greener world.

greenUS essential line

for hair length care

essential shampoo

The natural shampoo that gently cleanses while respecting your hair – 98,95% natural
Formulated with a selection of natural cleansers, it gently cleanses while respecting the pH of your skin and hair. The Orange and Hawthorn Extracts that enrich its formula deeply hydrate, leaving your hair shiny and soft. Suitable for frequent use and in case of sensitive scalp or thin hair.

essential mask

The mask that intensely takes care of your hair thanks to the power of nature – 96,70% natural
A concentrate of natural emollients to deeply hydrate the lengths, respecting your hair and skin. This beauty elixir combines the natural properties of Shea Butter, the source of hydration for African women, and Coconut Oil, the protagonist of hair care for Asian women. Perfect for giving immediate softness even in case of frequent use.

essential leave-in conditioner

The natural leave-in conditioner that makes hair soft, flowing and light – 98,80% natural
The conditioner is a precious ally for the beauty and well-being of hair: used instead of the mask or before styling it makes hair soft, flowing, protected and young. Hawthorn Extract and Acai Oil, thanks to their emollient and polishing properties, have been selected to be suitable for all hair types.

greenUS curative line

for skin care

curative shampoo

The delicate, natural shampoo for scalp care and to strengthen your hair – 99,05% natural
Cleansing, protecting and moisturizing the skin: these are the three fundamental steps for healthy and young hair. The Curative Shampoo is a product that acts delicately on the scalp to energize it, respecting its pH, and enhance the curative action of the lotion thanks to the Nettle, Artemisia and Menthol Extracts that purify and refresh the skin.

curative lotion

The natural lotion that strengthens and gives body to thin, delicate hair from the root – 90% natural
An energizing elixir for those who want to preserve hair volume and promote regrowth. This lotion combines the beneficial effects of natural ingredients such as Nettle, Artemisia, and Coffee Extracts, and Mint and Tea Tree Oils to strengthen your hair from the scalp to the ends. For thin, delicate hair or scalps subject to impurities.

my Green Haircare Routine

Take care of your well-being day after day thanks to the power of nature: choose your haircare routine and start taking care of your hair.

routine for thin hair

sensitive essential routine

  • wash your hair with Essential Shampoo
  • apply Essential Leave-in Conditioner before drying

routine for medium or thick hair

smooth essential routine

  • wash your hair with Essential Shampoo
  • rinse and apply the Essential Mask, wait 3 minutes and rinse
  • apply Essential Leave-in Conditioner before drying

routine for very weakened hair

intense curative routine

For the first month of treatment:

  • wash your hair with Curative Shampoo
  • apply Curative Lotion 2 times a week

After the first month of treatment:

  • wash your hair with Curative Shampoo
  • apply Curative Lotion once a week

routine for brittle, delicate hair

seasonal curative routine

  • wash your hair with Curative Shampoo
  • apply Curative Lotion once a week

thanks to you our forest is increasing

One of the major emergencies that we currently face is global warming due to carbon dioxide emissions. One way to counter this phenomenon is to contribute to the forestation of our planet. For this reason genUS, on behalf of greenUS, its new line of hair products, has decided to create its own forest with Treedom.

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